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Compass 3D

The easiest way to find your way.  Ever.

  • Augmented Reality
  • Tilts as you move
  • Clearly marks path
  • Choose your own direction
Compass 3D iPhone App
Designed with care and faithfully executed, exclusively for iPhone and iPad.

PDF for iPad ... features you will love !

PDF for iPad Take full advantage of the High Definition of the Retina Display of your new iPad 3 with this specially engineered version of the popular PDF reader.
PDF for iPad
PDF for iPad is the ultimate PDF Reader for the latest iPad 3*
*Also compatible with older generations iPad (version 1 and 2) - Same powerful interface and ease of use.

Web Presentation 2.0 iPad and iPhone App

Web Presentation is first and foremost a HTML 5 web browser. Entirely redesigned to take full advantage of your iPad 3 Retina Display, or your iPhone 4 and 4s Retina Display.
Web Presentation 2.0 iPad App uses the Apple VGA Adapter Web Presentation, designed and developed exclusively for the Apple VGA Adapter and the iPhone 4, the iPad and the iPod Touch 4th Generation. Web Presentation iPad App uses the Apple VGA Adapter to use with the VGA connector. Browse web pages and videos on the big screen !

PDF Presentation iPad and iPhone App

PDF Presentation iPhone PDF Presentation helps you organize, view and project PDF files on your iPad or iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4th Generation. Take advantage of a large screen, video-projector, or simply the ability to hold on to PDF attachments you received via eMail for as long as you need. Combined with the Apple VGA Adapter, take control of crisp, full screen video projection.
PDF Presentation
Apple VGA connector + PDF Presentation =
Larger than life PDF
PDF Presentation is not a mirroring software. Not only can you display the PDF files onto an external screen, what gets presented is only the unmodified, full-screen experience document.

Orienteering Compass iPhone App

Orienteering Compass iPhone App Orienteering Compass is the only iPhone compass designed specifically with the sport of orienteering in mind. Practical and energy-efficient(*), it is well suited to backpacking, hiking and mountaineering.

Get it now.
Visit Orienteering Compass on the App Store.

Visit Orienteering Compass on the App Store

Featuring multiple realistic views, this elegant tool behaves just like a fluid bath mechanical compass equipped with a locking outer-ring…

(*) Designed to work without GPS and in
Airplane Mode

Designed to work without GPS and in Airplane Mode


Old Compass iPhone App

Old Compass iPhone App Old Compass is a collection of skillfully crafted antique magnetic compasses for the iPhone. All six compasses are fully functional, and will orient themselves according to the magnetometer present in the iPhone 4 or iPhone 3Gs, or iPad.

Get it now.
Visit Old Compass on the App Store.

Visit Old Compass on the App Store

With these compasses, the rotating dial and the background are independent and spin freely. Some parts of the devices can be operated by a swipe gesture. The designs are faithful renditions of genuine drawings. They are either inspired by actual inventions, or by old maps' compass roses.


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