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Web Presentation 2.0 iPad and iPhone App

Web Presentation is first and foremost a HTML 5 web browser. Entirely redesigned to take full advantage of your iPad 3 Retina Display, or your iPhone 4 and 4s Retina Display.
Web Presentation 2.0 Released
Web Presentation 2.0 iPad App uses the Apple VGA Adapter Web Presentation, designed and developed exclusively for the Apple VGA Adapter and the iPhone 4, the iPad and the iPod Touch 4th Generation. Web Presentation iPad App uses the Apple VGA Adapter to use with the VGA connector. Browse web pages and videos on the big screen !
  • Unrestricted, secure and private web browsing on all devices.
  • External projection on iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch 4th Generation.

The ONLY Web Browser App with built-in web+video projection (aka mirroring).

Web  Presentation 2.0 iPhone/iPad App
What’s new in version 2.0?PDF for iPad
  • Retina display providing higher quality graphics
  • Fast external screen display focus on your presentation
  • New settings to allow better control over aspect ratio
  • Offscreen Panels to get out of your way when not needed
  • Extended https and ssl to support a more access to more sites
  • Overall improved experience better iOS and video integration

Browsing the WebPDF for iPad

Cupertino, California.
Apple just approved the first featured NC-17 web browser with built-in VGA projection on the App Store.
This app, designed to work exclusively in conjunction with the Apple VGA Adapter, is the first and only browser to offer both unchecked browsing and control over the external screen.

Privacy PDF for iPad

Unlike the built-in counterpart, it does not contain preferences, browsing history, favorite sites, nor stores cookies or session information between launches, like any or most other software of the sort.
Web Presentation (this is the app) is not for everyone. For starters, at $9.99, it's a pricey luxury ; a bit like the device itself. It offers unrestricted web access, including Apache based password protected sites. In addition, URLs are neither archived not tracked. Web Presentation will not report user's information nor site navigation information to some big HAL out there. Conversely, the app does not have multiple pages nor network selection tools. This can be done from the native browser as usual. General password protected web access is handled transparently(**) by Web Presentation and there again, transient data is volatile and destroyed.

Web Presentation is the ONLY App to allow full control of Web Pages
+ Video on the external screen

Full Screen Navigation PDF for iPad

Web Presentation is also an impressive presenting tool. Because of its video hardware connectivity feature, it allows you to control what goes on the big screen(*). Contrary to a plain mirroring tool, where private browsing, user names, passwords, and other personal information gets projected onto the external video port, this app suspends updates when you type sensitive data. It's ideal to share web pages safely in front of an audience.

Playing Video PDF for iPad

In fact, the navigation elements stay put on your iPhone/iPad, invisible to the viewers. With Web Presentation, the iPhone/iPad becomes the external video screen controller.

Of course, sharing the web does not get in the way of playing videos on the external screen, and that too can be controlled with just a few intuitive and sleek widgets.

Controlling the Presentation PDF for iPad

  • Easily turn the 2nd screen on and off without unplugging the adapter.
  • Choose either exact ratio (1:1) or fill the entire external screen.
  • Do not share your passwords with your audience (automatic safety feature).
Control tools

Requirements PDF for iPad

(*) Apple VGA Adapter required for external screen projection.
This adapter is compatible with the iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod 4th generation.
(**) Apple VGA Adapter not required for secure and private browsing (cookie-safe, history-free)
Unlike the dozen of trivial WebKit browser apps out there, Web Presentation supports both web-based and Apache-based password restricted sites.

Technical Support PDF for iPad

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