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PDF for iPad ... features you will love !

Take full advantage of the High Definition of the Retina Display of your new iPad 3 with this specially engineered version of the popular PDF reader.
PDF for iPad
PDF for iPad is the ultimate PDF Reader for the latest iPad 3*
*Also compatible with older generations iPad (version 1 and 2) - Same powerful interface and ease of use.

App description

Import all you PDF documents, no matter how large, and effortlessly swipe through the pages with a gesture, like you would on paper. Enjoy the most of your iPad with this companion App. Read your PDF document without distractions, as the controls fade out and the tab gently slides up and away when you don't need them. View page after page with comfort and in full screen with tools that are so sleek, and so intuitive you will forget they are there.

Key featuresPDF for iPad

Import from safari with ease... Tap you're done !

external screen PDF for iPad features
Importing your PDF has never been so simple : Open directly from Safari. (Any PDF viewed with Safari can be opened into PDF for iPad) Simply tap on the “Open” or “Open in...” button. send PDF with PDF for iPad features
  • Export and send to anyone just as easily
navigation PDF for iPad features
  • Jump quickly to a page ahead, or back
PDF for iPad features
  • Loads your document incredibly quickly
  • Import from Safari or Mail with a single tap
  • Read comfortably in full screen, as the navigation controls fade out

Looks familiar and intuitive, because it is !

External screen featuresPDF for iPad

external screen PDF for iPad features adapter - PDF for iPad features
  • With the Apple VGA Adapter or the Apple Digital AV Adapter (required*), present your documents in full screen
  • not show your tools, your personal files, or anything but the PDF at hand to your audience
  • Stretch, fill, zoom your documents onto the external screen at will
  • Lock the screen in to the form factor of your document
  • Hides your personal documents from your audience
(*All external screen features require the VGA or Digital AV adapter)

Present to a large audience at full resolutionPDF for iPad

hight resolution display PDF for iPad features Unprecedented control over the external screen. This is not mirroring, but true projection display. Notice how you the navigation controls are not shown to the audience. PDF for iPad allows you to choose the resolution of your screen right from the iPad. This allows you to choose the ratio that will best match the document you are presenting.
select external display PDF for iPad features

SummaryPDF for iPad

  • PDF for iPad will make the most of High Definition, Retina Display iPad 3
  • Quickly flip through pages, import your files with ease, export with a single tap
  • PDF for iPad comes with built-in documentation, and free technical support
  • Learn how to get the most of the App with the built-in help: (i)
  • Or contact the technical support right from the app !
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