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PDF Presentation iPad and iPhone App

PDF Presentation helps you organize, view and project PDF files on your iPad or iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4th Generation. Take advantage of a large screen, video-projector, or simply the ability to hold on to PDF attachments you received via eMail for as long as you need. Combined with the Apple VGA Adapter, take control of crisp, full screen video projection.
PDF Presentation iPhone
PDF Presentation
Apple VGA connector + PDF Presentation =
Larger than life PDF

PDF Presentation is not a mirroring software. Not only can you display the PDF files onto an external screen, what gets presented is only the unmodified, full-screen experience document.
"Navigation, storage, PDF file management, aspect-ratio, all these are only displayed onto the device itself, and not shared with the audience."
PDF Presentation iPad App

PDF Presentation App Tools

Importing PDF into PDF Presentation

  • From Mail, select a message containing a PDF attachment. Within the message body, simply hold-down to the PDF attachment you wish to open in PDF Presentation.
  • Open in "PDF Presenter"
  • You are done

Presenting a previously opened PDF file

  • All documents opened in PDF Presentation will automatically be added to its library
  • Display the PDF tab by either tapping on PDF or dragging the tab down into view
  • Bring up the library by tapping the chevron on the right
  • All available PDF files are listed here. Pick one.

Removing a PDF file from PDF Presentation

  • All documents opened in PDF Presentation will automatically be added to its library
  • To remove a PDF file, select the PDF tab on top of the screen, and hit the chevron on the right
  • All the previously opened PDF files are listed there.
  • Swipe the item you want to delete


  • Select the Edit button on the top right and delete multiple entries at once

PDF Presentation iPhone App Title

How does PDF Presentation improve your experience

  • PDF will no longer clutter your mailboxes
  • PDF stored in PDF Presentation are not at risk of accidental deletion
  • PDF importing and display are simple, intuitive, straightforward and fast
  • PDF presenting is greatly improved from mere mirroring (**)
  • PDF presenting is extremely fast, due to internal proprietary display mechanism

PDF Presenation iPhone/iPad App Icon

(*) PDF, Portable Document Format, is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated

(**) Apple VGA Adapter required for external screen projection.
This adapter is compatible with the iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod 4th generation.

To learn more about PDF Presentation, visit the App Store:

Technical Support PDF for iPad

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